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Applications - Industrial

Get an edge with industrial gear solutions. 

Evonik’s NUFLUX™ technology for industrial 
formulation solutions

The industrial gear oil market is becoming a challenging lubricant segment for suppliers and end users. Lubricants must protect hardware from friction & wear and also cool gearboxes, often with smaller design configurations carrying higher loads and higher thermal stress. The results are a continued trend for lower lubricant fill volumes, expected to do more and last longer than traditional fluids. Continued rationalization pressure from end users requires that lubricant suppliers provide robust products suitable for use across a wide range of applications, often under stressful environmental conditions. Add to this the viscosity grades required in multiple application and it increasingly becomes necessary to consider higher performance lubricants using synthetic base fluids and components.

Evonik has developed a systematic approach to assisting oil marketers to formulate synthetic gear oils using their VISCOBASE® synthetic base fluids, oils that meet or exceed international standards and OEM requirements.

Achieving high load carrying performance, hardware durability, extended service life and energy efficiency at a highly attractive cost position opens up significant opportunities for oil marketers to satisfy their customers' technical and commercial objectives.

Evonik's NUFLUX™ technology, when applied to industrial gear lubricants is designed to achieve more productivity, less downtime and optimal fluid service costs.


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