Oil refinery in ocean




Efficient crude oil flow solutions

Efficiency in crude oil recovery, flow assurance and storage are all issues the crude oil industry needs to address to ensure the industry remains an economic solution for energy. In an oilfield, crude oil recovery and flow assurance are a priority to ensure timely delivery of materials. However, at different temperatures and pressures, wax paraffins can crystalize and cause oil flow problems, slowing down the entire process, from wellhead to refinery.

Evonik’s Oil Additives specialists have developed a solution to these issues called VISCOPLEX® crude oil paraffin inhibitors (COPIs.) Evonik’s COPIs modify the shape and size of wax crystals; thereby, preventing wax build up and preventing flow issues.

In extreme conditions, such as deep sea water oilfields and environments with extreme temperatures, flow issues are amplified and very costly, so flow assurance is even more critical. VISCOPLEX® COPIs are custom-tailored to meet a variety of needs, including these extreme conditions.

Efficiency from a new perspective — Let it flow.

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