Oil pour on test machine

Extending fluid service life in stressful applications

Customers are selecting VISCOBASE® synthetic base fluids as a forward-thinking, innovative alternative to high viscosity synthetic base stocks like PAO. Retaining all the benefits of fully synthetic fluids when combined with low viscosity components, either with fully synthetic or Group III mineral oils, VISCOBASE® delivers full performance and may reduce blending costs. Available in bulk or drum, Evonik offers several viscosity options for formulating flexibility.

VISCOBASE® synthetic base fluids boost viscosity index and have excellent package solvency. VISCOBASE® products are used in a variety of automotive and industrial applications, including automotive rear axle and manual formulations, general industrial gear and wind turbine gearbox lubricants.

Unique benefits such as effective viscosity control at low temperature, shear stability and oxidation resistance all contribute to provide extended fluid service life in stressful applications. VISCOBASE® provides superior blending efficiency over many competitive synthetic high viscosity alternatives, mixing easily with various base fluids and additive systems.

Watch the video below to see VISCOBASE® base fluid in action and its benefits in various applications. 

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