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Oil Additives
February 25, 2014

CONEXPO 2014: With case studies, data and “Simulator”, DYNAVIS® technology reveals untapped fuel savings in hydraulic fluid

Change-out the hydraulic fluid in your excavator
and save $8,000 a year. That was the only incentive needed to get CEO
Rainer Schrode of southern Germany’s Schrode GmbH civil engineering
and road-building company to test hydraulic fluid formulated with
DYNAVIS® technology.

Schrode’s story is one of three case studies compiled and featured in the
display of DYNAVIS® technology at this year’s CONEXPO/CONAGG/IFPE
exposition in Las Vegas. The display, at stand 7019 in the Platinum Lot
at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is the hydraulic fluid technology’s
inaugural trade show appearance in North America, after previous
appearances at major hydraulic equipment shows in Europe and Asia.

DYNAVIS® technology is an innovative approach to achieving higher
levels of fuel efficiency and productivity developed by scientists at Evonik
Industries. “DYNAVIS® technology focuses on formulating hydraulic
fluids that meet higher performance standards,” explains DYNAVIS® After
Market Support Manager Rolf Fianke. “In laboratory tests and field trials,
hydraulic fluids formulated to DYNAVIS® technology performance
standards have achieved fuel savings averaging around five to ten
percent versus a conventional monograde ISO 46 fluid, with some field
tests having recorded gains of as high as 30 percent,” he adds.

Fleet owners of hydraulic equipment like Rainer Schrode are discovering
until-now hidden profit simply by changing out their hydraulic fluid to
one formulated to DYNAVIS® performance standards. Schrode’s test of
the DYNAVIS®-formulated fluid more than proved itself in terms of fuel
efficiency. And with it came a noticeable improvement in performance.
Schrode’s excavator operator Dieter Pukowski explains.

“The excavator didn’t lose power when I activated multiple functions. I
could feel it. With the new fluid, there was no power loss.“ For CONEXPO, the DYNAVIS® display includes a specially-designed
“Simulator” which gives visitors to the stand a strong impression of the
difference DYNAVIS® technology makes. “When visitors to the stand
jump on the "Simulator" they feel the power of a hydraulic fluid
formulated with DYNAVIS® technology,” notes Rolf Fianke.

All three DYNAVIS® technology case studies are featured in the CONEXPO
stand. In addition to the Schrode story, there are videos and graphic
presentations of similar field tests at Screen-Renting BVBA, a
construction debris recycling company based in Belgium, and at Ghizzoni
S.p.A., an Italy-based company specializing in pipeline excavation.

The Belgian case study, with Screen-Renting BVBA, provided a powerful
example of how DYNAVIS® hydraulic fluid technology contributed to a
reduction of hydraulic fluid operating temperature in an extreme work
environment. Not only did DYNAVIS® technology contribute an 11
percent decrease in fuel consumption, it also provided a noticeable
improvement in the hydraulic-actuated movements of the excavator and
eliminated the need for “heat breaks”.

For Ghizzoni, there was a similar reduction in fuel consumption in the
test excavator – 9.89 percent. And given the size and standardization of
the Ghizzoni fleet of excavators, all focused on a similar task, a simple
extrapolation suggested a remarkable potential savings of 10,000 EUR
per month.

The DYNAVIS® technology display will welcome visitors daily from 9 AM
to 5 PM Tuesday through Friday, March 4 through 7, and from 9AM to
3PM on Saturday, March 8 at stand 7019 in the Platinum Lot at the
Convention Center. For more information about DYNAVIS® technology,

About Evonik’s Oil Additives Business Line

Evonik’s oil additives business line has taken a leadership role in
developing lubricant additive technology designed to improve fuel
efficiency and productivity. In addition to the impressive fuel savings and
productivity gains achieved with DYNAVIS® technology for hydraulic
fluids, energy saving results have also been demonstrated with
VISCOPLEX® Viscosity Index Improvers (VIIs) in engine oils, driveline fluids and gear oils. Evonik’s VISCOBASE® technology offers an ideal
balance between a very shear-stable VII and a synthetic base fluid,
supporting the high-performance lubrication needs of applications such
as Wind Turbine Gear Oil (WTGO). In all of its many applications, Evonik
strives for resource efficiency, reducing operating costs as well as CO2
emissions. For more information about Evonik’s oil additives business
line, visit

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Evonik benefits specifically from its innovative strength and integrated
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