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Our ambition

Improving the efficiency of every vehicle in the world through our additive technologies.

Biodegradable fluids

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As a global leader in viscosity control for lubricants, we provide advanced additives for environmentally friendly lubricants.


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Developed to meet the needs of the automotive, commercial and public transportation markets, DRIVON™ technology enables lubricant marketers and formulators to develop efficient solutions tailored to customer needs.


field of crops

The Oil Additives specialists from Evonik develop custom hydraulic fluid solutions to meet all international standards, contributing more power and improved fuel economy in agricultural equipment.


construction loader

Hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology consistently demonstrate more power and greater fuel economy in heavy-duty construction equipment.


industrial equipment parts

With formulation solutions in a variety of industrial application, we provide future-proof solutions that boost efficiency in industrial equipment.

Refinery processing

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Our unique and proprietary VISCOPLEX® dewaxing aid technology increases the efficiency of solvent dewaxing processes and can be implemented quickly and easily.


oil derrick

Developed as an efficient solution for crude oil recovery, VISCOPLEX® crude oil paraffin inhibitors (COPIs) are custom-tailored to meet a variety of needs.


fuel pipeline

Evonik has developed VISCOPLEX® cold flow improvers (CFIs) for biodiesel fuels. CFIs boost efficiency and help to address low-temperature challenges.