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Applications - Biodegradable fluids

Formulating for performance and the environment

Environmentally friendly additives

As a global leader in viscosity control for lubricants, we provide advanced additives for environmentally friendly lubricants. These products are carefully designed to modify the unique viscosity traits of biodegradable fluids like vegetable- and synthetic-base oils. Application examples include chain saw oils, hydraulic fluids, outboard motor oils, saw mill oils and transformer fluids.

Pour point and cold temperature fluidity

Bio-based and biodegradable lubricant oils have particular challenges for cold-temperature use and storage. VISCOPLEX® Series 10 additives are designed to both improve the simple pour point (ASTM D 97) performance of these oils and to stabilize the fluidity under conditions of extended cold-temperature storage. They allow vegetable-based lubricant oils to remain fluid for several weeks at -30°C.