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Protect your engine from the cold

VISCOPLEX® pour point depressants

A comprehensive family of high-performance PPDs

The superior wax crystallization control of VISCOPLEX® pour point depressants (PPDs) guarantees optimized oil flow behavior in cold climates, so vehicles and equipment can operate smoothly in adverse weather. VISCOPLEX® PPDs help overcome the most severe low-temperature viscometric demands of modern lubricants, delivering robustness across base stock groups, performance packages and applications. VISCOPLEX® low-temperature additives enhance the value of formulations.

Benefits of VISCOPLEX® PPD technology:

  • Customized solutions with superior performance and optimized treat rates
  • Extensive know-how and responsive technical support, offering a full range of low-temperature testing capabilities in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific
  • Logistics flexibility with a global supply and manufacturing footprint

PPD solutions for GF-6

Crafting the next generation of engine oils

ILSAC GF-6 is the next category of gasoline-fueled passenger car engine oil specifications of North American OEMs. Based on proposed changes, this new motor oil category will raise performance standards calling for engine oil additives to contribute to fuel economy, engine cleanliness and reduced wear.

New regulations create the need for upgrades in performance and tests to generate both used and aged oil. The inclusion of aged oil low-temperature requirements creates another layer of sophistication that formulators must take into consideration. All of these regulations mean more time and cost input to create a reliable and robust engine oil that continues to work under extreme temperature conditions. That's where Evonik is uniquely positioned to partner with formulators to craft the next generation of engine oils.

With over 70 years of experience in developing highly innovative, low-temperature polyalkyl methacrylate (PAMA) technology, Evonik's team of technologists is ready to test and formulate low-temperature, GF-6 compliant solutions. Years of extensive research and testing lead to the development of the ASTM D 7528 Romaszewski Oil Bench Oxidation (ROBO) test, which helps customers screen PPDs and develop formulations that meet not only the GF-5, but the proposed GF-6/PC-11 specifications as well. Partner with Evonik now to reduce the complexity of upcoming GF-6/PC-11 regulations.