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Boost productivity and improve profitability of your crude oil assets without the worry of flow problems: VISCOPLEX® COPI™ additives enhance crude oil throughput at lower pumping costs by efficiently modifying wax crystallization, helping to keep paraffin-related flow and deposition issues safely at bay. 

Without crude oil paraffin inhibitors, wax crystallites can start forming in crude oil at temperatures as warm as 60°C (140°F).

Evonik’s COPIs modify the size and the shape of the wax crystals, dispersing them and preventing them from adhering to pipeline or transporting vessel surfaces, promoting the flow assurance needed by the oil industry.

In extreme conditions, such as deep sea water oilfields and environments with extreme temperatures, flow issues are amplified and very costly, so flow assurance is even more critical. VISCOPLEX® COPIs are custom-tailored to meet a variety of needs, including these extreme conditions.

Leveraging decades of experience in wax interaction and poly alkyl methacrylate design, VISCOPLEX® paraffin inhibitors cover a range of different products for effective prevention of paraffin deposition. Versatile to formulate, VISCOPLEX® paraffin inhibitors are suitable to be used in various application conditions.

Highly active dispersions based on ethylene vinyl acetate chemistry with very low pour point and handleability across a broad temperature range, VISCOPLEX® crude oil production improvers enhance flow rates of waxy crude oil by reducing viscosity below the wax appearance temperature and help enable safe pipeline restart by efficiently lowering yield stress.

Covering a range of different chemistries and compositions, VISCOPLEX® crude oil pour point improvers help you achieve your pour point targets in various crude oils across a broad range of compositions.

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