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Oil Additives
November 15, 2013

Evonik Releases New Interactive Hydraulic Fluids eBrochure

Evonik has released a new interactive
eBrochure highlighting its hydraulic fluid products and technologies.

“The new Hydraulic Fluids eBrochure catalogs Evonik Oil Additives’
expansive experience and the products and technologies developed for
this critical application area,” said Thomas Schimmel, Hydraulic Fluids
business segment manager for Evonik Oil Additives.

Evonik Oil Additives’ hydraulic fluid technologies and products
demonstrate outstanding performance in laboratory tests as well as in
challenging operating environments. Product lines within the Evonik Oil
Additives hydraulic fluid portfolio include VISCOPLEX® Viscosity Index
Improvers (VIIs), Pour Point Depressants (PPDs), Defoamers and additives
for biodegradable and bio-based fluids developed with versatile
polyalkylmethacrylate (PAMA) technology. In recent field tests, hydraulic
fluids formulated to Evonik’s DYNAVIS® technology standards have
demonstrated sustainable increases in productivity and reduced fuel
consumption in comparison to conventional fluids, while continuing to
meet OEM performance requirements.

To view the new interactive Hydraulic Fluid eBrochure, visit

About Evonik Oil Additives

Evonik Oil Additives has taken a leadership role in developing lubricant
additive technology designed to improve fuel efficiency and productivity.
Energy saving results have been demonstrated with VISCOPLEX® Viscosity
Index Improvers (VIIs) in engine oils, driveline fluids and gear oils.
Industrial and off-highway equipment field tests have also recorded up
to double-digit improvements in fuel savings with DYNAVIS® technology
for hydraulic fluids, reducing operating costs as well as CO2 emissions.

Evonik’s VISCOBASE® technology offers an ideal balance between a very
shear-stable VII and a synthetic base fluid, providing excellent solvency
in automotive gear oil formulations such as heavy duty axle oils and
manual transmission fluids. In all of its many applications, Evonik Oil
Additives strives for Resource Efficiency.

Formerly known as RohMax, the Evonik Oil Additives business line of
Evonik Industries also specializes in high-performance additives and
technologies for fuels and refinery products. Evonik’s VISCOPLEX® Cold
Flow Improvers (CFIs) provide outstanding flow properties for biofuels in
any region or season. VISCOPLEX® dewaxing aids (DWAs) are designed for
refinery solvent dewaxing processes that involve differing lube oil
viscosity grades, especially bright stocks.

Advanced regional technology centers, modern global manufacturing
centers, and a secure and reliable supply chain worldwide enable
Evonik’s continuous development of customized solutions for customers
anywhere on earth.


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