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Optimizing wax/oil separation with dewaxing aids


A properly selected dewaxing aid offers better control of the crystallization process in oil refineries. This results in formation of more uniform wax crystals, generating a more porous filter cake, thus improving the filtration characteristics of the system. While these aids do not affect the amount of wax precipitated, they do improve the processing rate and boost efficiency of the oil-wax separation.

VISCOPLEX® dewaxing aids optimize solvent dewaxing refining processes. The addition of Evonik's product will influence the growth and shape of the paraffin crystals, resulting in faster and more complete oil/wax separation. VISCOPLEX® dewaxing aids are broadly applicable in solvent dewaxing processes (ketone and propane) with a full range of differing lube oil viscosity classes — especially within the highly valued bright stocks.

Significant benefits of VISCOPLEX® dewaxing aids include:

  • Higher dewaxing unit throughput
  • Higher oil yield and lower residual oil in the wax
  • Reduced solvent/oil ratios and wash solvent volumes
  • Reduced filter fouling
  • Reduced operation costs